StuVal helps students to maximise their potential by creating side jobs where impact and personal development are central with mentor guidance

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At StuVal we believe that students can do more than tapping beer or being store clerk. We that the perspectives students can offer can change industries. We offer students the opportunity to work on themselves & innovative products. At StuVal you will find the best student job as an innovation consultant. You are entrepreneurial and together with us you ensure your own success.

This is just the beginning. StuVal is the place to grow and make a career with innovative companies in the region. So do you want to grow with others?

“We strive to create a valuable society. Therefore we need a happy and capable workforce tackling the world's most pressing problems. That is why we invest in our employees and help to find their passion so they can find their most impactful place in the labor market.”

Rik van den Reijen

This is what we Promise

Make it rain

Earn the value that you create. The harder you work and the better you do, the better you pay.

Grow togheter

Grow together with others and get the opportunity to challenge yourself.

Work flexibly

From wherever you want.


Build a network in business. To get started right away at a company that you are passionate about.

Onze projecten

Rik van den Reijen


De afgelopen week was de eerste editie van de HR-hackathon. Een evenement waarin studenten innovatie in de HR-branche hebben getackeld rondom 3 onderwerpen. Hoe trekken

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Launch your own service

We find it important that you can work on what your passionate about. That is why we give you the opportunity to launch your own service. As a StuVal intrapreneur we stimulate your personal growth and entrepreneurship!

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