We help the manufacturing industry grow sustainably by technologically innovating & connecting with talented students.

Thereby reducing product to market and recruitment cost

The world is changing faster and faster. Technology is the driving force of this change and makes it possible to lose or gain markets in a matter of years. Organizations need to adapt by innovating but often their works force is quickly aging and hasn’t grown up with new technology, or worse innovation is pushed to end of the todo list until it’s too late and a startup has taken their market.


But what if we told you the capacity & knowledge to innovate is out there. The new generation is currently tapping beers at your local pub because their unable to find a side-job where they can show their potential. This generation has the ideas that will shape the future of your industry.
Their affordable and under our management they work efficiently through a clear process and deliver quality through skill matching with mentors and among young talents.
Perhaps after you’ve done a project with us and one of our students graduates, he might even solve the labor shortage your experiencing.


Now it’s up to you to challenge them, to make your organization grow sustainably!

Our services

We are a one-stop-shop for technical ideas. We go from idea to value in a number of phases.

1. We find out your real problems are and ideate on possible solutions.
2. We turn ideas into validated business cases, by applying the lean startup method.
3. We develop the solution.
4. We help sell your B2B products or service
5. We helped students find their place in the labor market by building a relationship with the client throughout the project.

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There are many possibilities to collaborate with StuVal. But ultimately, success is determined by finding the right applications for your company.


StuVal can think along in determining the correct interpretation of the desired goal. With our innovation consultants, and the right hardware and software, we have everything to create the ideal solution!


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