My Green Meal

How many bathtubs does your eating habit fill?

Our app gives insights into your groccery shopping products. It measures CO2, water usage & traveled distance from farmer to plate. We all know what happens. Available in the app store and play store soon!

Make sustainable grocery shopping easy

Track your CO2 score

See your meal CO2 output and compare it with the average.

Water usage

Track your food water usage.


See the distance your food has taken.


See what your farmers would interested in.

Conscious choice

Make an impact with your grocery shoping


Read the backstory of your farmers.

Get a more sustainable lifestyle without giving up meat

This app does everything you could possibly want it to do and not only that, it is beautifully designed and extremely intuitive to use. Use it when on the go.

"I enjoy eating meat, but I would like to do it in a more sustainable way. With My Green Meal application I was able to find more effortlessly locally produced meat in my local supermarket and became more aware of the sustainability of different food items. Nowadays I am more aware of sustainability issues within the food industry thanks to their application."
"We are destroying our rainforests at an increasing rate and all of us should be more conscious about the impact of our shopping behavior. I have been able to live with minimal ecological footprint for a long time already, but My Green Meal application has helped me to be more sustainable with the information their application provides in a clearly understood manner. "