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Brainstorm with your team Remotely

continue working from your own home! Innovative technologies offer the possibility to work efficiently and at a distance.


Be one with your ideas in 3D space


Decrease brainstorming preparation times


Reduce CO2 and travel cost by brainstorming remotely


Due to COVID-19 a lot of businesses had to close their facilities and are forced to put their businesses on hold, making people work from home. This crisis no matter how bad it is also gives time to think, but this crisis does limit co-creation because there are no facilitators or college nearby. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With our digital brainstorming software and facilitators on your side, we empower coaches, facilitators & managers to host creative thinking sessions remotely. We give are currently giving away free demos of the product and our sevices with sessions in the expertises of creative process thinking, creative technical design, strategy & business development. No VR-headset is needed!

Our expertises

Creative proces thinking

The manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid pace and it’s important to make use of new technology to reduce cost, CO2 and time to market.

Through digital-visualisation you will be able to detect optimization points and easily implement new solutions.

Through the lens of Lean Six Sigma and design thinking, we are able to create a unique perspective on your process.

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Creative technical design

At the start of your product development use our digital-brainstorming togheter with a seasoned facilitator to ideate on improvements on existing IP or ideate completely new concepts. 

Through the use of interactive tools, you will be able to quickly test product features and the user experience.

Through using methodical design, TRIZ & design thinking we are sure to come with new ideas for your products!

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Business development

Use our business development facilitator in the digital-brainstorming environment to validate and ideate business ideas to adapt your organization to the future.

We do this using the lean startup methodology.

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Strategy definition & culture change

Use the fresh perspectives of young potentials in a digital-brainstorming environment to gain new insights on how to steer your organization in this fast-changing world through Blue ocean discovery & Imagineering methodologies.

Working with young talent and change management methodology we change company culture to be more innovative and prepare your organisation for the future.

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We are always learning new skills and open to other opportunities.

Immersive workspaces will empower your business

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Time to become creative remotely

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There are many possibilities with for our digital brainstorming session and our software. But ultimately, success is not determined by technology, but by finding the right applications for your company.


StuVal can think along in determining the correct interpretation for the desired goal. With our innovation consultants, and the right hardware and software, we have everything to create the ideal VR experience for you.

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