april 7, 2021

How we use function analysis to create products of high quality

Product development has come a long way. The process from idea to product can be made as easy and as complicated as you want. There are a lot of methods and tricks you can use to create the best possible outcome. In this article we will zoom in function analysis. An important step in product development.

A function analysis is helpful to get an overview of all the different parts in a product that need developing and need to function together. Also is an functions analysis used to determine more specific design criteria. Which results in an end result of higher quality.

What is function analysis?

Products have very obvious functions, but there also less obvious functions. With a function analysis a product will be analyzed that also all of the less obvious functions are found. One example of a function analysis exists of an input and output diagram, a function tree and a function block diagram.

The input and output diagram are sort of a blackbox of a product. The product will be analyzed on 3 aspects, matter, energy and information. By making an input and output diagram, you will find the functions laying underneath the main function. With these functions you have your base of your function tree. The main functions are the most important function of the product. There are two kind of other functions. Underlying functions that are needed for the main function and underlying functions that add extra’s to the product. By asking yourself how a function is realized and if the functions are necessary, you will find the underlying functions. This way your function tree is realized.

With the information of the function tree, you can make a function block diagram. In a function block diagram, the functions will be placed in order of time. This way the effects of functions placed in order or parallel are visible.

How we use function analysis to create quality

Having a full view of the functions in a functions block diagram of a products helps us see how everything interconnects. We can also see if there are functions missing. This helps us to design more actively and deliver a higher quality.

Having a complete overview of all of the functions helps us in several ways. For example, now we can realized each functions more accurately. Also we can see which functions need to work together and which do not. Which is useful for the design of the product, but also the programming of the product. More importantly, we can go to the product owner with all of functions to ensure the product will function exactly as they wish. Also maybe the product owner had not thought of certain functions. Adding these functions to the product, if the product owner wants is, can result in extra quality.

A step further

We want to go a step further in designing products. This means we will do anything that helps us deliver extra quality, just like a function analysis. If we can find things that can make your product idea even better, we will bring it up. However in the end it is your option, your vision that is the most important.

So do you want to work with a team of people that lets your vision lead and is not afraid to take an extra step to create quality. Don’t hesitate to contact us: