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we bring people together to create ideas that shape a more valuable world

StuVal is the leading student mentor-driven innovation agency of the south of the Netherlands. We focus on creating a more valuable society by bringing together people to technology innovate and to have young talent enter the labor market in the right place.


We believe that students can do more than being a store clerk or tapping beer. Too much knowledge is being lost in our society because students cannot show their value in their side jobs. In the business world, it is difficult to employ students outside 9-5 hours and within education, students often work on fictional assignments.

This can be done differently!

Our philosophy is that you can change the world and learn at the same time. We do this by tackling the problems that organizations face to stay relevant in our fast-moving world with students and having them learn from the best mentors in the field! 

All solutions start with ideas. That’s why we have set out to create the one-stop-shop from idea to value.


Our story

StuVal started with a search for a study-related side job by Rik in 2017. The expectations were that a side job could be found within two weeks due to the tight labor market in technology. But Rik was wrong. It turned out that many companies could not offer mentorship outside of regular 9-5 working hours and because that we unable to hire young talent. That could be differently.


Soon we ensembled a team of multidisciplainry entrepreneurial students to solve this issue. We discovered that companies pushed innovation to back of their todo list eventhough this is where most oppertunity lies. 

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Gijs Broenink

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